The 4 red sand jewelry that are putting it on this summer.

Surely you've seen them on occasion, either by Stories, on our website or taken by some of your influencers Favorites

"These 4 jewels have had so much stir that some of them have come to be exhausted on multiple occasions, even in pre-sale."

1. Confidence; The favorite medal of the moment.

María Mingueza Corrobora, this Abstract design medal always goes with her And the truth is that we were hallucinated seeing how it combines it.


2. 777; The smooth chain to which no one can resist.

Yes, the chain 777 is being a Must-Hove. For many of you this summer. You have already sold out on several occasions, so If you find it available in our online store, congratulations, you're in luck


Paula Brookie bets on her on her day by day, even to go to the beach. We love as she has left!

3. Havana; A jewel Waterproof that you will want to carry all the time.

Havana, as not, are included in the list of 4 jewels that are triumphant this summer. Do you think that reason is for its Waterproof feature or why they do not weigh anything at all? Judge you themselves.

4. Brave; The ring that returns Locx to anyone.

This is an authentic madness! The Brave ring is, without a doubt, your favorite jewel of this summer. You are about to exhaust the pre-sale! As an important fact, all that you have managed to buy it will receive it between August 25 and 26. On the 24th, finally, they all come out towards your houses!

What about these jewelry is your favorite?

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