Do you have doubts about what ring size to choose? Here we provide you with a detailed ring sizing guide to help you find the right size.

Step 1: Measure your finger.

Before choosing a ring size, you need to measure the finger you plan to wear it on.

Follow these steps:

1. Get a piece of thread or a strip of paper.

2.Wrap the thread or paper around the base of the finger where you will wear the ring.

3.Mark where the ends of the thread or paper are.

4.Measure the distance between the marks with a ruler in millimeters.

Step2: Determine the size.

Once you have the measurement in millimeters, compare it with the following size table:

Measurement (mm) Measurement (in) Spain / Italy ring size USA/Canada ring size France / Germany ring size Australia/UK ring size
15.7mm 0.61in 10 5 fifty J-L
16.4mm 0.64in 12 6 52 L - N
17.4mm 0.68in 14 7 54 O-P
18.1mm 0.71in 16 8 56 Q-R
18.9mm 0.74in 18 9 58 S-T
19.8mm 0.77in twenty 10 60 T-V

Some rings are sizes 10 and 20.

Additional Tips:

1.Be sure to measure your finger at a time when it is at a normal temperature, as finger size can vary with weather, hormone levels, etc.

2.If the result falls between two sizes, it is advisable to choose the larger size for greater comfort.

3.Wide rings tend to feel tighter than thin ones, such as the Quadruple ring. Keep this in mind when selecting your size

Step3: Check the ring size.

When you receive your ring, verify that it fits correctly. It should slide comfortably over your finger and not feel too tight or too loose. If it doesn't fit correctly as you expected you can always change the size.

Remember that this size guide is only a reference and may vary slightly depending on the ring model you choose.