18 K Gold Plated



The representation of the woman made the ring. Muse is a piece designed to be brought both on the day to day as on special occasions. Not only is it a special jewel for its feminine symbolism, but you will also love that this is part of the Red Sand Waterproof jewelry collection.

      Details of the article:

      • Bathed in 18 carat of first quality gold.
      • They are delivered in rigid box with silk paper, suede cloth and organic cotton bagRed sand.
      • All items are designsRed Sand Jewelry Design, Barcelona.
      • Limpia tus piezas después del uso, con un paño limpio y seco. Puedes usar la gamuza que recibirás con tu pedido. De vez en cuando puedes lavarlas con jabón neutro de manos. 
      • Guarda las joyas en las bolsitas de algodón para evitar que se rallen. 
      • No te preocupes por el agua de mar, piscina o ducha, resisten a esto y al sudor.