Legal bases and draw information.

Which is the prize?

1 year of free jewelry. The winning person will receive a red sand jewel for free at the home.

  • The jewel will be sent on day 1 of each month.
  • It will be a random jewel, so the person can not choose it.
  • The shipping costs will be in charge of red sand.

How do I enter the raffle?

Place an order within the Time Strip of July 31 at 00:00 to August 7 at 23:59.

What important points should I remember?

1. Your order number will be your ticket number to participate in the raffle. Each order will have a different number, so your order number is unique and non-transferable.

2. Any product on the web is valid.

3. Only people who make an order within the time range of July 31 at 00:00 to 7th at 23:59 will enter the raffle.

How will the resolution of the draw be carried out?

The raffle will be resolved on August 9 at 20:00 in the official account of Instagram @arerenarojabrand. No other account is valid, for which, if they send you direct messages, announcing that you have earned ignored. The only place in which the winner will be announced is on Instagram @arerenarojabrand.


It is totally forbidden to resell jewelry. In case the winner realizes a resale of them, sending jewelry monthly ceased immediately.