All pieces of red sand are made under materials of higher quality and bathed in first quality gold of 24 and 18 carats with the aim of prolonging its durability as long as possible.

However, good care, will make your brightness and its essence to be perfected for many years.

Where do I keep my jewelry?

Ideally, keep them in a dry and safe place, separated from each other to prevent them from grabbing each other.

All red sand jewels are delivered in small 100% natural cotton bags. Save your jewelry individually on your bag to prevent them from being damaged when you do not show them down.

What should I avoid?

Avoid direct contact from jewel with water, soap, chemical products, perfumes, deodorants or disinfectant gels. Do not use them if you go to the pool or the beach. Usually, salt and chlorine can originate stains and jewelry damage.

It also avoids the impact of the jewel on hard surfaces so that they do not granate and exposure from jewel to the sun for a long time.

How can I take care of my jewelry?

The most recommendable thing is that you clean your jewelry after each use with the suede that we include in your order.

Our special suede is designed for jewelry cleaning and perfectly absorbs remains skin creams and oils. Using it you will keep the brightness of your jewel in perfect condition for a long time.

Can I wet the jewels bathed in gold?

The pieces of red sand can get wet, now, we recommend not to do it often to keep the bath brightness in gold. If you are looking for freshwater and sea water resistant jewelry, consult our parts section Water resistant.