Red sand was born with the intention of making you shine

Beyond a jewelry mark, red sand is a purpose. Our main objective from the first moment is to make you feel yourself. We like to say that the jewelry introduces you before you can talk. Express your personality and own brightness with those pieces that make you feel you.

Discover in each of our collections a universe of exclusive and unique pieces, designed with maximum dedication and love and chooses those that go with your person.

Together we shine stronger

The soul of red sand lies in inviting you to explore and discover new ways of loving and inspiring you and can then transmit that self-love and inspiration to other women.

Even though there is still a long way to go, together, we have already transmitted thousands of women that inspiration and we have managed to create a community in which to feel identified with us themselves.


Red sand was founded in March 2020 as the first online jewelry specialized in high quality adjustable rings.

Erika and Eric, a couple of Barcelona, ​​wanted to create a community that inspired thousands of women, who unieved them. As a result of it and after much effort could transmit that inspiration and make thousands of yourselves identified with a unique style. Finally, they managed to create what they always wanted; High quality jewelry designs at an affordable price for all women who wanted to be themselves.

The doubt that you all want to solve. What is the name of the red sand?

Red sand is a name that reflects singularity. We know that all those who enter our community are special, different.

There is a red sand beach in Hawaii, exactly on the island of Maui. It is one of the most unusual beaches in the world and, precisely, we want you to see red sand, like an unusual brand and a special and different soul.

Atemporary designs, unique and with a lot of personality.

Our objetive; Reflect on each of you trust, elegance, audacity and a lot of personality.

Our designs have been created to last over time, so all our pieces are timeless and high quality.

Designs made with the heart.

Our creative process.

In red sand we are very demanding with each design, therefore, our creative process usually starts after hours and hours reflecting on a theme. Our collections always have a very marked meaning that unites all the pieces that form them.

Of the head to paper and paper to reality.

Once we have a clear idea, we begin to make sketches of how those pieces that we want to do tangible. Our creative team is improving and detailing little by little each drawing until you reach the design of the final piece, reflecting on the paper every detail of shapes, materials and recordings you will have.

3D digital design

In order to maximize the final piece and bring it closer to reality, we perform a three-dimensional design digitally from paper-made design. This helps us determine the exact measures and the final appearance of the jewel.

Molding of the mold.

To perform the mold from which the final pieces will be released, we draw the piece in a handmade shape with wax, polishing every detail of engraving of the jewel and tailored exact. It is very important that the wax piece is perfect, since it will determine how the original pieces will be.

Production, polishing and bath

After producing the jewelry, these are polished and polished. Finally they are submerged in 24 carat gold to guarantee a lasting shine.


In order to guarantee the quality of our jewelry, these are subjected to a testing of use from which we can make the decision to launch it or return to the exit box and improve it.