Suffer on progress: Valentine's raffle.

Initiated on February 3, 2022. Ends on February 12, 2022.

The raffle is valid in Spain (peninsula, Baleares, Gran Canaria and Tenerife).

The raffle is valued at more than € 800 that will be delivered in the form of products, in this case in the form of original red sand jewelry.

8 Valentine Packs are raffled between 8 winners (includes shipping). Each winner will be scheduled a pack. The pack that will be scheduled to each winner will go in the following order:

Winner 1: Pack Oh LA and DEA

Winner 2: Pack Le Toile Ring and Le Toile Necklace

Winner 3: Pack Promises and Braid

Winner 4: Pack 777 and Pure Love

Winner 5: Pack Self Love Club Necklace and Big Curly

Winner 6: Pack Yves and Soul

Winner 7: Initial Pack Brightness and Demeter

Winner 8: Pack Demeter and Hestia Butterfly

In no case can the pack with which the winning person has been rewarded.

The winners or winners will be selected at random among all the participants through APP draws and will only be contacted through our official Instagram @arerenarojabrand.

In case you are contacted through any other unofficial account, you do not click on any link or provide any personal information.