18K Gold Plated



If you are looking for water resistant jewelry for day to day 777 it is the ideal piece. A fine chain that has been carried out with the best materials to last over time.

Its timeless design will become an essential in your jeweler and on your day to day.

This piece is called 777, which symbolizes the angelic number of good luck; Wonderful things are about to come.

    Details of the article:

    • Bathed at 24.Quilates of first quality gold.
    • Set of 50 cm.
    • They are delivered in rigid box with silk paper and organic cotton bagRed sand.
    • All items are designsRed Sand Jewelry Design, Barcelona.
    • Limpia tus piezas después del uso, con un paño limpio y seco. Puedes usar la gamuza que recibirás con tu pedido. De vez en cuando puedes lavarlas con jabón neutro de manos. 
    • Guarda las joyas en las bolsitas de algodón para evitar que se rallen. 
    • No te preocupes por el agua de mar, piscina o ducha, resisten a esto y al sudor.