The heart always is and will be the center of everything. In the same way, this stamp is the undisputed protagonist of the Castanea collection. A unique and distinguished design that evokes a sense of timeless elegance thanks to its crowns and intricate details. The Castanea ring has been created taking into account every detail that makes it up and is, without a doubt, the perfect outfit for those people who seek to stand out or express their individuality with elegance and elevating their style to new heights.


  • Plated in 3 microns of 18k gold/Plated in silver.
  • Handcrafted details.
    • It is delivered in a rigid box with tissue paper, chamois for care and an organic cotton bag from Arena Roja .
    • Designed in Barcelona .
    • Clean your pieces after use, with a clean and dry cloth. You can use the suede that you will receive with your order. From time to time you can wash them with neutral hand soap.
    • Keep the jewels in the cotton sachets to prevent them from getting.
    • Do not worry about seawater, pool or shower, resist this and sweat.

    This is a detailed guide to the Castanea ring.

    If you need help knowing your ring size, you just have to visit our page to find out your ring size and follow the steps indicated.

    Inner diameter (mm) Inner diameter (in) Spain / Italy ring size USA/Canada ring size France / Germany ring size Australia/UK ring size
    16mm 0.62in 10 5 fifty J-L
    16.8mm 0.66in 12 6 52 L - N
    17.7mm 0.69in 14 7 54 O-P
    18.3mm 0.72in 16 8 56 Q-R
    19.4mm 0.76in 18 9 58 S-T