18 K Gold Plated


AR Privé

The fine version of the Big Demeter necklace is born for those who bet on the simple and the delicate.

Inspired by the movement of the reptiles, the Demeter necklace denotes elegance at the same time as I misleading. This necklace is one of the best-selling water resistant jewelry in the history of red sand.


Details of the article:

  • Bathed at 24.Quilates of first quality gold.
  • Length of 31.5 cm plus 5 cm adjustable. 0.25 cm wide.
  • They are delivered in rigid box with silk paper and organic cotton bagRed sand.
  • All items are designsRed Sand Jewelry Design, Barcelona. Design of rings under brand patent.


  • Limpia tus piezas después del uso, con un paño limpio y seco. Puedes usar la gamuza que recibirás con tu pedido. De vez en cuando puedes lavarlas con jabón neutro de manos. 
  • Guarda las joyas en las bolsitas de algodón para evitar que se rallen. 
  • No te preocupes por el agua de mar, piscina o ducha, resisten a esto y al sudor.