24 K Gold Plated

Pure Love Necklace.


An exceptional piece that is born to be another of the pillars of the collection that commemorates self-love.

The Pure Love Necklace includes a delicate chain that holds a heart-shaped medal represented by a woman's body hugging himself.

One of the most spectacular designs and with the greatest meaning that have been created in red sand within reach of your hands.

      Details of the article:

      • Bathed at 24.Quilatesof first quality gold.
      • Length of 49 cm.
      • They are delivered in rigid box with silk paper, suede cloth and organic cotton bagRed sand.
      • All items are designsRed Sand Jewelry Design, Barcelona.

      In red sand we have stainless steel jewelry bathed in gold and 925 law sterling silver, all of them gold plated between 1 and 3 microns.

      The jewelry with stainless steel base purchased in red sand is resistant to water and do not discolor over time.

      The 925 silver-based jewels bathed in gold are, by default, the most similar to pure gold for its color. To make sure that the gold bath is not damaged, do not expose jewelry to water, perfumes or products that contain alcohol as disinfectant gels. If the jewel is exposed to any of the previous ones, the jewel will turn silver.

      We recommend cleaning the jewels after use with the suede that we include in the package to remove remains of sweat, cream or dirt.