Yee Haw is an ode to the enjoyment of life and at the same time a cry of enthusiasm and expression of joy for it. This unique piece, designed and created by Arena Roja, aims for you to enjoy the constant Yee Haw that life offers you, which is why it presents a striking and original image that exudes a lot of strength and personality. Without a doubt, you are looking at the most rebellious and daring design of the entire Bandida collection.

  • Clean your pieces after use, with a clean and dry cloth. You can use the suede that you will receive with your order. From time to time you can wash them with neutral hand soap.
  • Keep the jewels in the cotton sachets to prevent them from getting.
  • Do not worry about seawater, pool or shower, resist this and sweat.

This is a detailed guide to the Yee Haaw ring.

If you need help knowing your ring size, you just have to visit our page to find out your ring size and follow the steps indicated.

Inner diameter (mm) Inner diameter (in) Spain / Italy ring size USA/Canada ring size France / Germany ring size Australia/UK ring size
15.2mm 0.59in 10 5 fifty J.L.
16.3mm 0.64in 12 6 52 L - N
17.1mm 0.67in 14 7 54 O-P
18.1mm 0.71in 16 8 56 Q-R
18.8mm 0.74in 18 9 58 S.T.
19.6mm 0.77in twenty 10 60 TV